Research and Publications


I am activey working on the following 3 researches:

Mathematically-grounded metaphors to teach AI-related cybersecurity

This is a NSF EAGER project (grant # 2039616) with Dr. Bart Knijnenburg, Dr. Kelly Caine, and Dr. Nicole Bannister. The goal of this project is to investigate middle school student's AI-related cybersecurity knowledge relative to their mathematics knowledge and behavior and teach AI-related Cybersecurity. To optimize the impact of this project, we are working with middle-schoolers in a rural identifying school in South Carolina because the students there have limited guidance to digital safety practices. For a quick overview of the project, check out this presentation: SIGCSE Birds of Feather presentation;

I have been working on this project from Fall 2020, and have designed and conducted recruitment surveys , semi-structured interviews with middle-schoolers, and participatory design session . I am currently working on developing and deploying the educaion modules and writing a paper on our interview study.

This project received media attention because of it's unique goal of teaching AI-related cybersecurity to students with limited access. Check out this article from a Greenville based news media: News/Media article

Recommender System for Self Actualization

This is a NSF Career Award project (award # 2045153) with Dr. Bart Knijnenburg. I formally started working on this project from spring 2021, although I joined the group in Fall 2020. The goal of this project is to help users explore, develop, and understand their preferences based on their long term goal andambition as a way of helping them break out of the filter bubble. To support users develop, there are two parts in this project: (a)Personalized preference visualization and (b)Preference-based communities
I am working on developing interactive visualizations for personalized preference visualizations using mock-ups in Figma. When users explore these visualizations, they should be able to identify the common and unique sides of their personalities.

Reverse Stereotyping to reduce gender and racial bias

I started working on this project from Fall 2021. The goal of this project is to reduce gender and racial biases through positive reinforcement.


You can also find my papers on my Google Scholar

Sushmita Khan, Mehtab Iqbal, Nushrat Humaira, Nina Hubig and Bart Knijnenburg, Mitigating Digital Mindlessness (Position paper), IJCAI 2021

Mehtab Iqbal and Sushmita Khan, Mining Facebook Page for Bi-Partisan Analysis(Student Paper), SAIS, 2018